Upholding Tata Groups values, TCGF II confirms, through various measures, that it undertakes appropriate environmental and social considerations so as to prevent or minimize the impact on the environment, the workers and local communities, and not bring about unacceptable impacts which may be caused by its investments. For long term value creation for all stakeholders, the ESMS policy provides guiding principles and is deeply embedded in the Fund’s investment ethos.

Objective of the Environmental & Social Management Systems

The objective of the Environmental & Social Management Systems is to implement appropriate environmental, social and governance considerations before and after investment decisions are made, set criteria for decision making, and requirements which Portfolio companies subject to investment are to meet. This comprehensive risk-based strategy through the lifecycle of the investment ensures the Fund operates in conformity with National laws, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Asian Development Bank’s safeguards and social requirements, namely:

  • Environment
  • Involuntary
  • Indigenous

TCGF II’s enduring mission is to exit a Portfolio company with more robust environmental, social and governance practices than when it first invested. TCGF implements a comprehensive tool kit, covering the following stages: