Benefits of Demographic, Economic and Technological Factors

Identify businesses that benefit from favourable macro tailwinds. Political, Economic, Technological and demographic factors, often times, create the foundation upon which micro success of individual enterprise is predicted. For example one of the factors of success of India’s IIT services industry is the investment made in setting up engineering college ahead of inception of this industry.

Favorable Macro into a Lucrative Business Model

Talented entrepreneurs mold a favourable macro into a lucrative business model. As owners, promoters and CEOs they channel the business into a scaleable, innovative and value creating enterprise. The execution flywheel with innovative solution, efficient execution and competitive pricing realises the macropotential to the fullest extent. Setting up of Tata Steel, amidst adverse factors, is entrepreneurship “par excellence”.

Sustainability of Business Momentum

Sustainability of business momentum requires the need of external capital. The choice of partner for external capital shapes the business, with values, skills and governance as it journeys onwards to a large and listed corporate entity.
Tata Capital Growth Fund imbibing the value of “Tata Brand” aims to influence its partners with robust and sustainable framework incorporating value based guardrails and professional execution without compromising the innovative core or customer interest.