Vice President

Vishal’s penchant for searching deals and discounts in everyday life , especially while planning luxurious travels on penny pinching budgets are reflected in his investment style where he can always been seen working towards optimizing risk return trade offs by negotiating fair valuations, terms and structures and getting buy ins on realistic business plans with portfolio companies.

  • Experience prior to TCGF: 3 years in Corporate Lending, Investment Banking and Early stage investments
  • Role at TCGF: Evaluates investments in Financial Services, Consumer and Manufacturing. Also involved in Investor Relations
  • Portfolio Companies: Home First Finance Co, Jana Small Finance Bank, Standard Greases, AESPL, Indusface, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd
  • Differentiating Factor: Astute understanding of risk
  • Education: Engineer + MBA
  • Joining Date: 2012